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Beirut: From Pride to Devastation (Report)

Beirut city which was once the apple of the eye of Lebanon is now shivering due to the blast that vibrated the entire country on 4 th August, 2020.

The relief workers are still working very hard to relieve and save the lives and find out what is left intact. If reports are to be believed more than 200 people have lost their lives and 5000+ have got injured. The loss of property is incalculable. Many buildings that earlier used to stand wide are now in sand.

The Day of Explosion

In the capital of Lebanon, Beirut, near the port of the city on 4th August, the series of explosion started at around 6 pm which involved small explosions. The eye witnesses say they heard the cracking sound of firecrackers.

When the small explosions and smoke's series was finally expected to conclude, something happened that took entire city by fear. A huge blast took place which produced a ransom of smoke and fumes that covered the entire city.

The fusion blast of fire took the entire sky. One supersonic shockwave of mushroom shape took place that went around the entire city

Another blast made the nearby buildings and skyscrapers to collapse. The people felt their earth shaking. The blast was so strong that it was heard in the range of 200kms .


The city of Beirut has an average population of 2 million which resulted in the stuffing of hospitals soon after the explosion took place.

Governor of Beirut said around 3 lakh people have become homeless and the losses account to 15 billion dollars.

The shockwave let the glasses of window panes to break of Airport that is 9 kms apart from the site of explosion.

The geologists believe that it made the earthquake of 3.3 Richter scale to occur.


The blast took place due to the explosion of 2750 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate that was stored in one of the warehouses of the port.

In 2013, a Panama registered cargo vessel ship was stranded at Beirut port which was due to some scientific disturbance in the machinery of the ship.

The ships owners vacated the ship & left it's crew on it for some weeks.

After time, the ship's crew were allowed to leave/vacate.

But, The ship was still standing at Beirut port for non-payment of fee with it's carrier of 2750 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate.

It was later on unshipped into a nearby warehouse on the port.

The court proceedings between the Port & Ship holders continued for couple of years leaving the cargo of Ammonium Nitrate to decay in the warehouses.

Soon, the chemical reactions started to take place and ultimately on August 4th, 2020 the explosion happened and left the city with the wounds that will take decades to cure.

The president of Lebanon has said that critical investigation is still in process, and the guilty shall be appropriately punished as soon as identified and proved.

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