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Belarus President visited jail? Know why!

By Anwesha Dash

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, meets his incarcerated opponents in jail to discuss constitutional reforms.

In the Belarusian election 2020, Lukashenko won his sixth term and in solidarity, several pro party rallies were held. But his opponent Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, a human rights activist and an influential politician, claimed to have won 60-70% of the votes and indicated towards electoral frauds. Lukashenko is notably known as "Europe's last dictator" due to his authoritarian rule and repression of the opposition, also according to international spectators, the leader had mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic and failed to understand the gravity of the situation. Given all these facts his opponent's claim of the deceptive election seemed plausible to the public. And in the opinion of Lukashenko's critics, only the 1994 elections where he was first elected as the President have been fair and free. Therefore ever since his coming to another term in 2020 protests and anti-government demonstrations have been going on. Even the EU and the US have deemed it right to not recognize Lukashenko's new term.

The protests saw 1000s of demonstrators and supporters of the opposition jailed, beaten by the police, or being threatened to leave the country. People have been calling on the government to release all political prisoners and have been demanding a re-run of the election free of fraud and force. Also, Belarus claimed that Lithuania and Poland have been interfering in the country's political affairs and have given safe havens to the anti-national opposition members.

In the history of Belarus, the current protests have been the country's largest political unrest. Hence in heed of these protests, Lukashenko set out to meet his opponents, which had been incarcerated by him, to discuss constitutional reforms. The four and a half-hour meeting was kept a secret at first but later a video was released by the official resources.

Lukashenko's opponents, who have dodged arrests and fled from the country, didn't have any optimistic remarks on the meeting. Tsikhanouskaya pointed out the irony of the unaccepted President holding dialogues with the leaders that he convicted as criminals and another critic said that by this meeting Lukashenko bared his "weakness".

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