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Bengaluru: With the help of camera surveillance, Police gets to the bottom of a rape case!

By Neha Mallick

The Bengaluru Police, with the help of camera surveillance, got to the end of a rape case just within an hour of the case being reported.

A man has been captured on surveillance footage, for unveiling himself and later assaulting a woman in a narrow street of Bengaluru. The case was reported on Tuesday, and the police instantly took measures and arrested the attacker. The indicted man namely Tata Datt, who is almost 20 years old, has been seen on the footage attempting to sexually assault a woman of 40 years old during the dawning hours of Tuesday morning, the 27th of October in JC Nagar, Bengaluru.

According to the CCTV footage records, the indicted man stopped in front of the woman and stripped down himself. It was around 5:05 am. The woman was disgusted by the sight of it and was found hitting the man with her pantofle trying to warn him. However, the accused didn't stop and forced himself on the lady. The woman was seen hitting him and crying out for help while the indicted man tried to unveil her.

Hearing her crying for help, the people nearby opened the doors and windows of their houses. The indicted man panicked and ran off. As per the police reports, the sufferer placed a complaint at the police station of JC Nagar on the day that the incident took place, in the afternoon. The Police instantly conserved the camera surveillance footage and checked it to trace the indicted person. Luckily, they got to the end of the case and caught the accused within an hour of the case being filed.

One of the police constables recognised the culprit and hence that made it easier for the department to track him down. The police officer was earlier working in the DJ Halli Police Station and the accused person was in fact, an ancestral criminal. The Police surveyed the footage from the surveillance that was inducted near the culprit’s house and found him sprinting near his home around 5:30 am. He has been charged under sections of 354 and 354A of the Indian Penal Code.

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