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Bhatinda based trader commits suicide after killing family! Read here to know more.

By Manisha Jangir

On Thursday evening, an online trader from bhatinda killed himself after shooting his family at his house. He took this step because of huge business losses. The now deceased, Devinder Garg (41) fired at his wife Meena Garg (38), son Aarush Garg (14) and daughter Muskan (10) before firing himself. He also left three pages handwritten suicide note naming nine persons who pressurised him for money and forced him to take such an extreme step.

According to the sources, he had a lot of money he owed to people but the exact amount is not known. He was into online trading and had invested money in bitcoin cryptocurrency. He suffered losses and borrowed more to offset these. When he fired, his neighbours got alerted by the sound and they ran upstairs. But they could only find the family in a pool of blood in a room. Devinder began living in a rented house after incurring losses. One of his neighbours said that they didn't have much idea about the family but for some times he seemed to be depressed and didn't contact his neighbours.

Ashwant singh, DSP said, “As per the investigations, he first fired at his wife, daughter, son and then shot himself. We have recovered a suicide note from the room where they were found dead. In the note, he blamed nine people for such an extreme step.”

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