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Biden is not in favour of a second debate? Know why!

By Kunika Chaudhary

Trump has come back from the hospital after having the treatment as his condition is still confusing, the candidate of the Democratic Party Joe Biden is not in favour of the second debate with Trump still being infectious.

The US election for President is not even a month away and this time is crucial for both the candidates this month is going to be very eventful. Recently it was found that President Trump and first lady Melania Trump were infected by Covid-19. Trump left the hospital named as ' Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre ' on 5 October 2020, Monday. News of his coming back is spreading vastly as he still doesn't feel the urgency of using the mask. If we see on the other side the candidate of the Democratic Party Joe Biden, who has always promoted wearing a mask and being safe from this coronavirus. The former vice president doesn't think that debate should happen if the President is still infected with this dangerous virus. To complete his statement he further added that they should follow the guidelines with strictness as many people were found infected in the last few days.

He also mentioned that he is looking forward to the debate to happen if all protocols are followed. The vice presidential debate will happen at the scheduled time between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. Mike Pence is a representative of Republican party where Kamala Harris is running mate for Joe Biden. Only one debate is scheduled for the vice-presidential candidates. This debate can influence people and people are looking forward to knowing what the representative has to say in the favour of the nation and its citizens. Many people are estimating that Joe has a high probability of winning the election but Trump is still confident that he will win the election. Everyone is looking forward to the debates to happen so that they can know the candidate's policies better.

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