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Biden launches Hindu- American campaign.

By Kunika Chaudhary

Democratic Party launched a new campaign to attract Indian - American voters, named ' Hindu - American for Biden'.

It seems like this time Republican and Democratic Party are playing all their cards on the Indian - American voters. First Trump released a video showing his great relationship with India, and Now Joe Biden has launched a whole campaign named 'Hindu — American For Biden' to attract the attention and vote of Indian — American community. Under this campaign, Biden's teams will try their best to convince voters of this community to vote for democratic's candidates. Raja Krishnamurti who is half Indian congressman will address the first-ever meeting of this campaign on Thursday.

Some are still predicting that Kamala Harris will attract more voters as she herself is half-Indian which will be very beneficial for the party. Trump has already launched a similar campaign named 'Hindu voices for Trump'. This time Indian - American are playing a major role in this election as both parties are trying to attract them with all their power. As the election is going to take place on 3 November which means they have some time left for their promotion so they are trying all the possibilities which can make them win.

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