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BJP chief claims Trump didn't handle covid properly!

By Kunika Chaudhary

During his rally on Thursday, BJP chief said that prime minister Modi saved the country from Coronavirus.

Bihar election is in its last phase and each party is trying to attract the voters who will vote on the third and last phase which is scheduled for 7 November 2020. On Thursday 5 November 2020 BJP scheduled a rally in Darbhanga located in Bihar. J.P Nadda, Chief of Bharatiya Janata Party addressed the rally and appreciated the initiative taken by the central government during this global pandemic. He added that PM Modi saved the country from this pandemic by taking all the required decisions timely. The votes will be counted on 10 November 2020. Bihar will get its future representative.

He also mentioned the largest election which is happening in the United States. He said that Trump couldn't handle his country during this pandemic. As per the current status of the US election, Joe Biden is in lead and Trump is not satisfied with the counting procedure. He claimed the procedure as a fraud with the American people and led the matter to the supreme court. India is currently involved in two elections one which is happening inside the nation at Bihar and one which is attracting the attention of the whole world ' US Election 2020'. These two elections are going to leave an impact on this nation in one way or another.

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