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Breast cancer awareness month: Early detection now feasible!

By Sharonya Kundu

Breast cancer attacks around 2.1 million women every year, with over 1.6 lakh new cases appear each year in India. Breast cancer is the most familiar cancer among women in India, as claimed by the National Health Portal. It can transpire anytime from the early '30s and 50-65 years of age.

This fatal disease is responsible for at least 15% of all cancer-linked deaths among women. In 2018, India announced 87,900 breast cancer-linked deaths among women and has become an important health concern over Indian cities. By 2030, breast cancer will bring about more deaths in Indian women than any other form of cancer. The retention rates are high if detectable at an early stage. In the case of late detection, the retention rates drop.

Nearly 50% of patients with breast cancer do not survive five years from the time they were diagnosed. Breast cancer is one of the most familiar cancers in women globally but however knowledge and understanding of the roots are still very finite. There are many factors underlying the probability of having breast cancer, depending on an amalgamation of one's genes and lifestyle choices. However, breast cancer cases in India are contrasting from cases in other countries. In India, younger women are mostly affected by this kind of cancer, and more than half of them are diagnosed in advanced stages, which are notably harder to cure.

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