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Building contractor found dead in bed box! Read here to know more.

By Manisha Jangir

In Delhi's sant nagar a man was found dead at his residence on Saturday. Man’s friend who is considered to be the prime suspect is still on escape. He was brutally stabbed and his body was stuffed in a bed box. The deceased has been identified as Sameer Malik and he was a building contractor by profession. His flatmate, a childhood friend of the deceased is still on the run and suspected as the prime accused. His friend was Salman and he had been living with him for the past three months.

On further investigation it has been found that nearly 2.5 lakh is missing from the deceased Man’s flat. His family has suspected that he had been murdered for money. He worked as a contractor and also used to supply labourers at construction sites. The landlord of Malik saw his Scooter lying in a drain after which he decided to check the accommodation on Saturday. The flat was locked from outside and a foul smell was coming from the flat. After that he grew suspicious and informed Malik’s brother Zarif. His family opened the door and found the stuffed body.

According to the family the blood was split around the room. The Burari Police sent the body for the Postmortem and collected evidence. Police said that as Malik's flatmate, Salman is missing so he is the prime suspect. The motive behind the murder will be known after his arrest.

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