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ByteDance shifts the center of power of TikTok out of China

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has recently made some decisions that show that TikTok’s future with China will now not be not more than that of an audience. The company has made such decisions due to world hatred and tension towards China owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision is also implied in other social media also like the Helo application.

ByteDance has decided to shift the center of power to the USA as it is one of its biggest markets. The changes were done due to the world’s outrage towards China over technology and the COVID-19 pandemic. Conflicts arose among the internal authority of the company due to opposite mindsets of position holders and many have decided to leave the company. However, efforts are being made to have ties with the China-based team also. There are also questions being raised about TikTok’s handling of user data and credibility. For now, they are now recruiting engineers from all over the world through an online medium.

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