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Can Pakistan make it out of the FATF grey list?

By Anwesha Dash

Pakistan remains on the Global financial watchdog's grey list despite the nation's improvement in following some of the international standards for anti-terrorism.

After several bills were passed in Pakistan's parliament under the administration of the country's Prime-minister, Imran Khan, the citizens were quite optimistic and anticipated to be crossed out from FATF's grey list. But even though the global watchdog did appreciate the effort still it has decided to keep the nation on a grey list because 6 norms are yet to be implemented.

Pakistan will be monitored for terrorism financing. Marcus Pleyer, the President of FATF has urged the nation to completely fulfill all the FATF's agendas and said that Pakistan needs to indict and sanction those contributing financially to terrorist hubs. A regional sub-section of FATF, Asia-Pacific has endorsed keeping the country in the grey list because according to them Pakistan has been conducting a lot of undetected terrorism funding.

Pakistan was crossed out from the blacklist and upgraded to a grey list in 2015 for showing significant improvement. Foreign Minister of Pakistan said that arch-rival India has put effort to downgrade the nation into a blacklist. Also on the subject of Pakistan potentially being put on a blacklist, a FATF authority said that if the nation failed to follow all the norms then an on-site team would be set to the country for explicit monitoring and if everything looked fine then would likely be put out of the grey list.

And as if adding insult to injury Nikki Haley, a U.S diplomat and a close confidant of Trump, said that the reason the President stopped providing military aid to Pakistan was that it "harbored" terrorists. And the nation has been actually alleged to use terrorists to start proxy wars with regional foes India and Afghanistan.

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