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Can Petrol sanitize masks?

As per the statement made by the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, the mask could be cleaned by Petrol.

On Friday, August 31st Duterte addressed the citizens of the Philippines and asked them to make their masks infection-free using Petrol.

He also emphasized that when he says these things, he does not intend to be kidding.

As per a leading news portal, Duterte had earlier made the same statement, but officials referred it as a gesture of joke.

The President further added that this statement that whatever he has said is true and especially for the weaker section of the society who aren't that rich to afford newer masks every other day. If they do not have access to Alcohol disinfectants, they can go to the gasoline station and can disinfect the masks through gas or petrol.

The assessment and reports of the specialists are yet to be awaited on the same.

Petrol is highly inflammable, thus dealing with it on a domestic purpose may land you in trouble.

(Trendingindia.live do not encourages you to implement the same and advises experts' suggestion and direction.)

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