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Can The Professor convince Ayyan Mani to join his gang? Know more.

By Swetaleena Mishra

In a recent video released by Netflix India, The Professor, Alvaro Morte of 'Money Heist' is trying to convince Ayyan Morte, Nawazuddin Siddiqui of 'Serious Men' to join his gang over a telephonic conversation.

The best negotiator saw on screen in these recent times, The Professor of Money Heist is indeed the master of manipulation. May it be Raquel Murillo or Alicia Sierra, he managed to outfox every cop coming in his way. But will he be able to make a fool of Ayyan Mani?

A video released by Netflix India shows that The Professor of Money Heist is trying to convince Ayyan Mani of Serious Men to join his gang. The Professor's conversation with Raquel Murillo over the telephone in Money Heist season one and two are interpolated with Nawazuddin Siddique's dialogues from Serious Men.

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The video shows Ayyan Mani asking The Professor to make him an offer that he can't refuse to which The Professor replies that the money brings people together. When Ayyan keeps a condition that his name won't be 'Mumbai' like others in the gang but will be 'The Headmaster' is one of the funniest scenes of the video. Ayyan taking a jibe at Sergio's name in the heist 'The Professor' says that he has always been the headmaster while the professor may have the visiting faculty.

Not only this but Netflix India previously has also come up with many such crossovers with its popular show world wide-Money Heist. Before this, a funny crossover between Money Heist and the Hollywood film Ocean's Eleven was released by Netflix India, where Vikrant Massey was rooting for Money Heist and Vijay standing in support of Ocean's Eleven.

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