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Case of defamation filed by producer Sandip Singh

By Ritika Ray

Producer Sandip Singh's media manager, Deepak Sahu, recently announced on Twitter that the former was to launch a defamation case against those people who, according to Singh, are wrongly accusing him of involvement in Sushant Singh's murder mystery and spreading rumours about him as well.

As per sources, Sandip Singh was spotted at a number of occasions following Sushant's death. In fact, even being an outsider he was photographed with Sushant's sister, Meetu Singh on the day the actor died.

Lawyer Vikas Singh, who's representing Sushant's family claimed that no one In Sushant's family knew about Sandip Singh, and perhaps as none of Sushant's family members was present on June 14th, he took the opportunity and entered Sushant's flat.

In fact, Mallika Singh, Sushant's niece also confirmed that his family was not acquainted with the producer and when Sushant's sister, Meetu fainted when he saw her brother's lifeless body it was Sandip who was there in the house helping her although Meetu didn't even know him.

Sushant was to star in one of Sandip's films named Vande Mataram and the latter used to tag the actor in many Instagram posts calling him, "Bhai".

Upon many requests, the Home Minister of Maharashtra, Anil Deshmukh has suggested that he will hand over these requests on Sandip's alleged link with drugs to the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI).

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