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Central government should arrange GST compensation: Maneesh Sisodia

By Kunika Chaudhary

It was decided earlier that if the state government loses, the central government will give loan to the state government, but they are refusing now according to the Deputy Chief Minister Maneesh Sisodia

On Thursday, a press conference was held by Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Maneesh Sisodia after attending a meeting by GST council. He supported the idea of GST but he doesn't support the way it is being executed according to him the execution is not going on properly. He further added after the introduction of GST state's most of the tax receiving rights was given to GST council and the central government assured the states that if the state goes through losses then Central government will give them loans.

But now the government is telling them to take loans from RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) and is a special state Delhi can't take loans. Minister claimed this as the biggest betrayal in the history of federal India. He also questioned on increase in costs of everything where we were promised that after the execution of GST will not happen. From the press conference, we can say that the Delhi government is not at all happy with the central government. Everyone is waiting for the response by the Central Government on this whole compensation situation.

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