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Central Railways provides ‘Rakshak’

In the time of Pandemic when the cases are raising like anything, everyone is trying to make and find an alternative that could be helpful in such time. Similar was seen when the Central Railways department of Mumbai Region developed a Robot and named it ‘Rakshak’, it was made to be the helper in Medical Field by letting the doctors come in the least contact of the patients by being their own assistant in their physical absence.

The robot was presented to Bhaykhala hospital at Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus by the railway officials.

The Robot is well equipped with the systems which can keep a check of Temperature, Pulse Rate, and also has a Sanitizer Dispenser and Infrared System. These facilities make it even more useful in the medical environment. This will encourage the least contact between people.

The Robot will function with the connectivity of Wi-Fi, it means it can work well in a full Wi-Fi coverage campus without any hassle. The Robot could also be monitored through the Mobile Application as per needs or requirements. The App shall be available on Android devices. The Robot is built technically advanced with full specifications of the modern and current needs.

The robot will also help doctors to download the pictures of the patients in order to assess their condition instantly.

The videos of the patients could also be downloaded through the support of the application.

The Robot can supply Food, Water, Medicines, and other essentials to patients as well. It also has the facility of two-way video communication, through which doctors can communicate with the patient with coming in physical contact.

It has a backup power of more than 5 hours and can easily carry the weight of around a little less than a dozen kgs.

This indeed shall support the general advice of Social Distancing by eliminating direct contact and can prove to be revolutionary as the number of cases are increasing and the fear of the front liners being infected is at high chance.

Another benefit could be that a single doctor could be now be assisting more than one patient at a time: one patient through the robot while assisting another one. It shall be helpful in the current scenario of an increasing number of patients.

This also shows how our country is evolving with finding modern alternatives by involving the scientific side to the general practices.

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