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Chhattisgarh: Two Men, inclusive of a minor, held captive for serious criminal offences!

By Neha Mallick

Two men, among whom one was a minor has been held captive for purportedly assaulting and attempting to murder a woman in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh.

The Police reported that the squad of two culprits took the woman to an isolated area and assaulted her. The minor tried to rape her and on failing to do so, he slammed her face with his steel bracelet (kara), leaving her senseless.

The culprit namely, Santosh Yadav and his teenage relative were imprisoned by the Police on the 24th of October, Friday. The man was supposedly 22 years old. The sufferer woman was 40 years old and has been identified to be a worker in `Mission Bihan’ of Chhattisgarh state Rural Livelihood. The woman was found out of her senses with serious damages on her face, in Lailunga area near Khalakhiya village on 18th of October.

Abhishek Verma, the superintendent of Police, Raigarh stated that the victim was given right of entry to the Raigarh District Hospital. The specified culprits have been booked under the case of attempt to murder. During the inquiry, it was disclosed that on the date of 17th of October, at night, the woman had taken help to get a lift from the indicted on their bike during returning to home from Jashpur district nearby area, Pathalgaon.

The two indicted men took advantage of the situation and took the woman to an isolated place where Santosh Yadav supposedly raped her. His minor relative tried but failed to assault her sexually and so he continually slammed her face with his steel bracelet, till she lost her senses.

After the investigation, charges of section 376 (attempt to rape) was addition in the lawsuit. The sufferer recouped her senses after about a week of the occurrence on the 25th of October, Saturday morning in a Raipur’s Hospital.

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