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China gets COVID-19 positive cases yet again

A couple of weeks ago China (where this deadly virus was born) was earlier reported to be healing from the Coronavirus. In the same hype, the news of more than a hundred corona positive cases has come in light in China. The news is that almost all of them are the local natives excluding 3 flew there from Foreign.

After almost 100 days this news has evolved for the very first time when this large number of COVID-19 positive were found in a single day after the entire nation had earlier recovered.

This news was channelized through the government-regulated Global Times agency.

Such eruption of cases in the country of China is yet another big concern for the authorities. About half of the reported cases did not show the symptoms of the virus, it means there could be a probability of more people being infected.

In such a scenario, it would be worth seeing how China, the mother country of COVID-19 tackles this situation and moreover that what news it spreads to the world.

As China has been earlier also found doubtful in spreading fake facts and figures primarily in the matter of Corona.

Many analysts and specialists have earlier pointed the dragon country for tampering the real facts.

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