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China’s mischief doesn’t end, now they claim that their J-20 is better than the Indian Rafale

Chinese media has been roaring nowadays due to the addition of Rafale in the Indian Airforce. Their constant efforts are in the direction of proving their France-made J-20 fighter jet better than the Rafale.

Recently, in the Chinese newspaper “Global Times”, it was mentioned of the five Rafale fighter jets and India’s ex-chief of Airforce claimed them to be better than J-20 fighter jets. However, according to the Chinese experts, Rafale is a fighter jet of the third generation whereas their J-20 is a jet of the fourth generation. In no way, Rafale is better than J-20.

The Chinese army chief said in the Global times that Rafale is better than Sukhoi-30 MKI which is present in large quantities in the Indian Airforce. Rafale can be compared to the other jets of the third generation but it is not comparable to the J-20 which is a fourth-generation fighter jet. He further added that everyone knows that there is a huge difference in the two generations of fighter jets which cannot be compensated with any strategy. Chinese J-20 fighter jet is far superior to the Rafale fighter jet.

Contradicting to these statements, the Indian ex-chief of Airforce, B. S. Dhanoa gave a befitting reply to such statements and claimed that the Rafale fighter jet is a game-changer and the Chinese J-20 is nowhere near it. The impact of this statement was clear when the Chinese started to point out the limitations of the Rafale to overcome their insecurity. However, Dhanoa decided to put an end to such childish games and pointed out 2 main factors:

1. J-20 is not so great because the Kennard radar increases the signature and tells the position to the long-range meteor missiles, which are fitted in the Rafale.

2. If J-20 is so great as claimed by its manufacturers, then why it cannot be supercruised?

Supercruising is the capacity of the fighter jets by which they can be flown at a speed of 1 Mach (1 mach=speed of sound=1234.8 km/h) without burns.

Dhanoa also added that the supercruisability and the radar signature of Rafale can be compared to the supreme fighter jet of the world. He literally killed the Chinese propaganda and questioned that if the Chinese weapons and jets are so brilliant, then why Pakistan used the Chinese F-16 instead of F-17 on 27 February 2020? Dhanoa raised so many questions on the capability of the Chinese weapons and jets and asked why the iron brother of China (Pakistan) use the Swedish Air warning in place of the Chinese AWACS?

Let’s just hope that Dhanoa’s statements are enough for China to keep their mouth shut and end the mischief otherwise, India will always give them a befitting reply to make them walk with their tails tucked between their legs.

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