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Church set on fire in Chile! Read to know why!

By Anwesha Dash

Angry protesters in Chile a week ahead of the constitutional referendum set ablaze a church.

On the first anniversary of the 2019 Chilean protests that left 30 people dead and many injured, citizens again gathered in the country's capital and wreaked havoc with violent protests. These protests have come one week ahead of the referendum that decides whether the dictatorship era lead by Augusto Pinochet should come to an end or not. Demands for educational reforms, a better healthcare system, and other public interests were made too.

The demonstrations were mostly peaceful at the start but after confrontations with the police, grew chaotic and violent. The protestors even threw stones and fireballs. The police force retaliated with tear gas and water cannons. In anticipation of even more protests breaking out in the country, nearly 400,000 police officers were deployed all around the country. The demonstrators even set fire to a Church that belonged to the police.

The nation has been doing remotely well in handling the coronavirus cases as many have recovered and the infection rate is low too. But the proximity between the protestors in the rallies is concerning. Even the President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, has asked the demonstrators to protest peacefully and follow social-distancing norms. But it doesn't seem like the citizens will heed the leader's advice since due to the protests Pinera has risen to infamy among the public and his reputation has nose-dived.

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