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City Mohali has 56 Dengue cases in one week!

By Sharonya Kundu

At the time when Mohali was convalescing from the COVID-19 upsurge, dengue lay out its grip and infected 56 people within a week. Thirty-three of these sufferers were reported from Mohali city. Abundant cases were reported from several parts of the district. In the last weekend, 56 patients have been tested positive for dengue fever and also known as breakbone fever. Medical units were put on alert and have been managing door to door checks to recognize the potential dengue larvae spots.

The Mohali medical team had in September emanated a warning that coronavirus and dengue virus co-infection may prove dangerous after exposing larvae at several places. At this hour of the COVID-19 pandemic, when we all are occupied in a battle against the dangerous virus, it is equally crucial and necessary to save ourselves from the deadly bite of a mosquito named 'Aedes aegypti'.

To be safe people should properly clean their coolers, flowerpots, fridge trays, containers, water tanks, and every other thing which can generate breeding sites for mosquitoes.

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