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‘Climate will get cooler’: Trump says science lacks knowledge about climate changes

By Ritika Nath

As the California wildfires raged in different parts of the United States killing approximately 35 people till now, President Donald Trump after getting reprimanded by the Democrats for not addressing this disaster stated that these wildfires don’t categorize as climate change issue but rather falls in the category of management issue and also said that “It’ll start getting cooler.”

After the Democratic Party criticized the Republican Party for remaining silent about the wildfires, President Donald Trump went to California and met with the firefighters and officials who were in charge to look after the raging wildfires on the West Coast.

In a press conference, a reporter asked whether climate change was a factor behind the fires, in reply to that Trump said, “I think this is more of a management situation.” He also claimed that other countries don’t face such problems. They might be having more trees which are explosive and have the tendency to catch fire more easily, but to him, those countries don’t have these problems.

The President also expressed that improved forest management might be able to tackle quickly and diligently but when it comes to climate change it would waste a lot of time and would require international cooperation that he said was lacking.

After landing in the MccLellan Park, California, Trump raised questions on countries like India, China and Russia whether they would be changing their ways if this wildfire is caused because of the changing climate. He said, “It’ll start getting cooler, you just watch, I don’t think science knows.”

Trump claimed that climate change is nothing more than a ‘hoax’, as it caused the US to pull out of the Paris accord that laid out an international proposition towards global warming. In the meantime, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Joe Biden has included climate change on his list and prioritized this issue as the major crisis the United States is facing currently.

Biden said in a statement that Trump is a ‘climate arsonist’ and if America faces his climate denial for another 4 years more suburbs and forests would be burned by wildfires and many more suburban neighbourhoods will get flooded out.

Amid the global climate change which has already started making observable effects on the environment, is being in denial about climate change suitable for a leader?

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