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Colour of the paper will decide the coronavirus infection

By Ishika Sahni

The new technology appears that the colour of a paper will decide the coronavirus infection. A young scientist discovered this regarding the coronavirus that is now approved by the India government. Now the new technology, the colour of the paper will decide the coronavirus infection.

The Centre approves this new technology of the young scientist and on Saturday the Drug Control of India has permitted them to launch this new technology in the Indian markets. The Tata Company has tied up in this study. This Feluda test kit was being distributed in the market by the end of May but because of some technical flaws, it has been approved now. Scientists of the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology developed a test kit now as Feluda that can be used as a pregnancy detection kit.

Price of the kit will be less than 500 Rs and it will take 30 minutes for the result. This Feluda test kit is five times cheaper than RT-PCR test. This new technology will speed up the corona test in the upcoming days at a lower price. This is a paper test kit if the patient is infected then the line will appear on the paper and if the patient is not affected then the line will not appear.

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