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Congress: a ‘messiah’ or ‘wolf in sheep clothing’?

By Ankita Mohanty

Congress on Friday has launched a countrywide campaign against the Government's decision to conduct competitive examinations amidst coronavirus pandemic and floods in different parts of the nation.

Weirdly enough Gandhian politics has now turned into a fine play of Russian roulette. It’s either a hit or a severe miss. After a series of internal tremor this week, Congress has decided to rebuild its stand as a major political partisan by launching a nation-wide campaign against holding of NEET, JEE examinations. The Congress on Friday launched a countrywide campaign against holding of NEET and JEE examination amid a global pandemic. The former Congress President in his tweet urges the public to speak up against the decision and ensure the safety of the students.

“Unite your voice with lakhs of suffering students. #SpeakUpForStudentSafety from 10am onwards. Let’s make the Govt listen to the students,” Gandhi tweeted.

In the 1 minute, 8-second long video attached to the tweet, Gandhi put forward the notion that by conducting competitive examinations the government is committing a grave blunder. “The government is putting the students’ health at risk by conducting the NEET, JEE exams amid pandemic. Students have been stressed out.

During such time, the Congress stands with the students and we are speaking up for their safety,” says a voiceover in the video.

The exam has already been postponed twice in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

The Supreme Court last week has dismissed the plea seeking further postponement of the exam, stating “precious” academic year of students “cannot be wasted” and that life has to go on. There has since been a massive outcry from Indian youth and it seems like Congress has joined the convention. On the hindsight, BJP has accused Congress of doing “politics” over student’s misfortune.

They have firmly stated that the Modi government won't let the opposition party "spoil" students' futures to find relevance.

We see two entirely different stances in this issue from both the political parties. Who wins the back and forth ‘tussle’ this time remains to be seen.

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