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Corona Test to be conducted of Players

The players of the winner team of Mumbai Indians have started teaming up. Almost all of the players from India have united up and some left are soon to be united.

Indian stars will also join the team in the coming week.

One if the official gave the information that since the players have started teaming, the authority has taken very crucial preventions and measures in order to prevent infection and to assure that none of the player is infected from the Corona Virus.

The official also briefed that the players have started coming and have been successfully sent to the Quarantine for another 14 days.

The official was also asked regarding the COVID-19 tests over which he said that their will be total 5 tests carried out of a single player before they depart for the United Arab Emirates in order to assure 100% that they are safe and not threat to others.

The players have been asked to get tested twice from their home cities further three tests shall be conducted in Mumbai itself.

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