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Coronavirus infection increases by an alarming margin

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is drastically increasing, and the countries are still having no fixed and viable lead to resolve its effects. In a single day, total 2,32,291 people have been confirmed positive to the virus.

With this the total count of positive has reached 2.16 crores and still increasing every hour. The international economy is ailing. Due to this deadly virus about 7,74,288 people have died.

The most affected country by the pandemic is United States of America followed by Brazil and India on third place. The death margin is again the highest in USA followed by Brazil and Mexico on the third. India stands at 4th position in deaths.

Russia is another nation which has projected a ray of hope by unveiling vaccine to covid-19, but due to the incomplete trials of the vaccine, it seems to land in more problems.

Russia stands 4th in the infection rate and around 9.21 lakh have been affected by the virus in the country.

The state of America is very critical as more than 1.7 lakh people have already died in the states scattering a lot of fear among public. As per reports, US is the highest affected nation with 54 lakh cases.

New York is the most affected region of the US in pandemic and the total country's cases account to more than 20% of cases with respect to the world's entire cases.

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