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Coronavirus situations may worsen: WHO

As per WHO, the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic may worsen in the coming months, the reports coming from different countries aren't satisfying. If valid steps are not taken, the condition will affect us very badly.

Tedros Adhanom, Director-General, WHO said that many countries are driven in the wrong direction with respect to the pandemic. He added that the rate of the COVID-19 positive cases is increasing at a very fast rate in most of the countries.

This increment is happening due to the irresponsible behavior of the common folks as they are not following the general guidelines issued in the public interest.

Northern and Southern America are already at a worse level, the situations are becoming alarming day by day.

He also said that the conflict between the health specialists and President Trump is letting the infectious virus take an even bigger approach to the citizens causing their lives danger of life.

More than 3 million cases have been reported in the USA itself.

Tedros said that people need to take things like washing hands, social distancing, and using masks seriously and should follow the same strictly in order to contain the infection.

He also warned that the picture of life being too normal isn't any close to near in the coming future, people need to understand the complexity and obey the guidelines otherwise the situation will keep on becoming even worse.

He said that we have to adapt ourselves to live with the virus as the possibility of it getting completely eliminated is not possible, and also quoted that vaccine would take even longer than what we think.

The statements were recorded at a Press Conference at Geneva on this Monday.

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