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COVID-19 breaks 'The Rock'

Anwesha Padhi

If there is one thing the novel Coronavirus isn’t, it's discriminatory. The virus has been causing havoc for nearly 7 months now affecting people from around the world, irrespective of social and economic class. The latest to have caught the infection is Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson. 

The former wrestler turned actor took to Instagram and posted that he and his family have been infected by COVID-19 but were recovering now. While Mr. Johnson’s children showed only a few symptoms, he and his wife had a “rough run”. 

The Baywatch actor said that they have been affected by very close friends and requested people worldwide to be cautious. He even suggested multiple ways to reduce the chances of infection including wearing face masks and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Mr. Johnson, named as the highest-paid actor in the world in 2019, isn’t the first Hollywood celebrity to get affected. Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Madonna are a few who were also tested positive for Coronavirus earlier this year. 

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