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“COVID-19 testing will be doubled” says Chief Minister Kejriwal

By Ishika Sahni

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal approached a press conference on the situation of Corona Virus in the national capital Delhi on 26 August 2020, Wednesday. In the press conference, Arvind Kejriwal announced that the State government will double the testing of Covid-19 disease.

“The testing of COVID-19 has doubled because there is a spike in the new cases. Delhi has seen a marginal rise in the number of new cases in the last few days, though other numbers are in control. In coming days, we will double the testing for the coronavirus”, Kejriwal said at the press conference.

He also said, “It is a good thing that the people of Delhi have became optimistic, but the wearing of the mask should be on regular basis and the government will also provide pulse oxymeter and oxygen concentrators to households.”

Currently, 20,000 covid19 tests are being done and it will be increased to 40,000 tests per day. Chief Minister appealed that do not shy away from getting testing of COVID-19, as this can affect you and others too. If you feel any symptom in yourself then get yourself tested otherwise you will put yourself and others also in risk, as it will spread.

Yesterday 1,544 new cases have been found in Delhi. At the end of June, the number of cases were 3,400 every day but now the number of cases per day are 1, 333.

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