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Dark Secrets of Bollywood - Sushant’s case takes an unpredictable turn

By Ritika Ray

Eminent Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden death was always a mystery from the first day. He died on 14th June in his Bandra residence and since then there have been many twists and turns in his case.

Recently, it has been reported that Rhea Chakraborty was administering drugs to Sushant. The latest report says that Rhea gave Sushant CBD oil, which is banned and illegal. Taking these into records the Narcotics Control Bureau will file a case on Rhea Chakraborty and the CBI will soon call Rhea, Shruti Modi, Jaya Saha, and Dipesh Sawant for an enquiry. Jaya and Rhea had a conversation about drugs and CBD oil and will be questioned about the same from the CBI.

There is also an undated video of Dipesh going viral where he can be allegedly seen smoking weed. Apart from all the reports, Sushant’s friend Ankit Acharya told the Times Now that he never saw Sushant having any drugs as he was very much concerned about his health. It has been said that Rhea was giving drugs to Sushant to control him. According to Rhea’s Lawyer, she has never consumed any drugs and she is ready for any blood tests if necessary.

Meanwhile famous actress Kangana Ranaut has shown full support towards Sushant’s family from the first day after the news about drug conspiracy was revealed. She said that if the Narcotics Control bureau enters “BOLLYWOOD”, many A-listed actors and actresses will be behind bars.

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