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Delhi: Squad Of Five Arrested For Surprising Reasons! Read to know more.

By Neha Mallick

An organised conglomerate named, “ticket booking squad” consisted of five men in it, and as reported by the Police, have been arrested in Delhi. They have even been detected to steal from ATMs, laptops, and other valuable items as well.

On Monday, the Police claimed that they have caught a squad of five partners who imitated themselves as local passengers in railway stations, as workers in a bus or ticket dealers to trick people that travel from Haryana, Punjab, Delhi to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. All five fellows were a part of an organised group that were namely corrupting people by maintaining false identities were arrested near Haiderpur Metro Station in Delhi. The names revealed of the five indicted people are Sanjay Yadav, Lal Babu Sahani, Santosh Kumar, Rajeev Mandal and Rakesh Mandal.

The gang members were held captive on account of a complaint placed by a man, who was on his way from Haryana to his local place in Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh. While placing the case, the man asserted that the squad members had misled him and his son and took away 68,000 rupees from them. The indicted men tricked him and his son into taking away their ATM card and it’s details to book tickets for them.

During the inquiry, the members revealed that they were all a part in the case and an amount of Rs.13,500 was sealed from their ownership. Other stolen equipment have also been seized during their invasions that took place in rented rooms in Samaipur Badli, Shakurpur and Sultanpuri areas. An HP device, along with its other necessities like it's bag and charger was also recovered from them that they illegally took away from people's possession from a person working in a particular corporation with a similar agenda in 2017. With the five being captivated, a whole 27 number of cases of robbery and fraud were filed at different police stations in Delhi that have finally been resolved now.

Police authorities reported that in the squad, each had various positions in every prospective of corruption. They would often make random passengers as their prey and get involved with them as friends by imitating fellow passengers, in railway stations, bus conductors, or ticket dealers. They would impersonate themselves as a fellow passenger going to the same destination as the actual traveller and pose as some helper who would help them to organize substantiated tickets for them.

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