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Demonstrations and rallies in France! Read to know the shocking reason.

By Anwesha Dash

Protests take place in France in solidarity with a teacher cruelly murdered by his Muslim student for showing a cartoon of the prophet in class.

Samuel Patty showed a caricature of the Islamic prophet Muhammad which is considered sacrilegious in the religion. Some witnesses also attested that he had asked his Muslim students to leave the class because it might hurt their sentiments. Despite this, enraged by the alleged “act of blasphemy” an 18 years old student and a Moscow-born Chechen refugee killed and decapitated the teacher. The murderer was shot dead by the police after the slaughter.

This brutality has brought on all the French citizens to the roads calling on the significance of “freedom of speech”. This hate crime has received global condemnation. Several world leaders and activists have also expressed their condolences for the victim. The violent crime has also received reprimands and condemn from the Muslim community. A group of French Imams even held a meeting near the Lyon region to discuss the appalling killing of an innocent by a terrorist.

The imams aren’t the only ones that have called the attacker a terrorist. Even the authorities have deemed the murderer as such. Jean Francois Ricard, an anti-terrorism prosecutor of France, has also suspected there being a terrorist motive behind the crime since the teacher was attacked by a group of nearly 10 people lead by the student before being killed by him. At least 4 of those attackers are related to the murderer. The suspect had also tweeted the decapitated body of the victim which was pulled down by Twitter and the account was blocked.

As a consequence, the French regime has authorized to expel 231 radicalized foreigners and suspected extremists after the assignation. Macron in a statement also called the crime as an “Islamist terrorist attack”.

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