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Did the ruthless dictator of North Korea cry and apologize for his failures?

By Anwesha Dash

Kim Jong-un, the notorious dictator of North Korea, with tears apologized to the citizens for failing in improving their lives and thanked the troops for their sacrifices.

A bizarre turn of events have marked the onslaught of 2020, but none of those events including the pandemic could be more bizarre than the reportedly merciless dictator of N. Korea crying while addressing the country's military lamenting over his failure at the betterment of the lives of all North Koreans.

This appalling occurrence took place over the weekend during a military parade. Thousands had gathered up to witness the parade and celebrate. The occasion of the celebration was the 75th anniversary of N. Korea's ruling Workers Party. To commemorate this delightful event the current leader of the said party made a speech. During the speech, he thanked the troops for efficiently managing and scarifying themselves for the ravaging storms that shook the nation. He also thanked them for artfully controlling the coronavirus outbreak. The leader was so overwhelmed with emotions that he choked up during the speech and could barely hold onto his tears.

Although he admitted to being sorrowful over his incompetence at improving the lives of the public he was also grateful for the fact that N. Korea had 0 coronavirus cases and not a single citizen was infected. A claim that neighbouring country South Korea, the U.S, and several other international monitors have questioned over.

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