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Did Trump pay a surprise visit to his supporters? Know here!

By Anwesha Dash

Trump drives by his supporters in a surprise visit, outside the hospital where he is being treated for COVID-19.

Nearly 3 days ago Donald Trump a.k.a POTUS announced that he along with his wife First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. This announcement has brought forth various waves of different reactions. Several people have ridiculed him and pointed out the irony of being tested positive for a virus he called a hoax, while several others have expressed their concern for him and wished him to get well.

A number of these well-wishers gathered around the hospital William Reed Medical Centre in Maryland, where the world leader was treated, to show their solidarity with cheering. Therefore to cheer up these supporters and perhaps for them to see for themselves his well-being Trump drove-by and greeted by waving at them. This admittedly soared the spirits of his well-wishers very high.

But it seems it didn't have the same effect on the doctors, since Dr. James P. Phillips, a physician at Walter Reed and a regular disparager of Trump's way of handling the pandemic, has called this action as "insanity". Another professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University has called the incident "height of irresponsibility". The doctors directly controlling the President's treatment had also just hours before this joyride and stated his blood oxygen level dropping twice.

As of yet, the U.S ranks first in the total number of Corona cases and deaths as well, still, the President reportedly did not seem very serious about the situation. Until in a recent video released by the White House where Trump says that he understands "the gravity of the situation". But these recent actions speak for themselves.

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