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Does Indian American support the Modi-Trump duo?

By Kunika Chaudhary

This time both parties are trying to impress and attract Indo-American voters. The latest surveys show who attracted the Indian American community.

United States Election 2020, this election is important not only for the US but for other nations as well. As the US trade works globally. The United States has seen a lot in the last few months where racism was a major issue. Both parties tried to attract the Indian-American government by organizing campaigns for the community and even one of the Vice President candidates is Kamala Harris who was in the Indian community. Less than 20 days are left for the final election call which is scheduled for 3 November 2020. Now people have started to estimate the vote bank and a potential new President of the United States.IAAS ( Indian American Attitude Survey) organized a survey for this election.

According to this survey, it seems that only 22% Indian - American community will go in favour of Trump where on other hand Biden has successfully attracted around 70% of the Indian - American registered voters. Trump has organized various campaigns and used a bit of Modi's visit to Texas to present the friendly relation he has with India. After the survey, we can evaluate that Indian - American community is in the favour of Democrat candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris. One of the last stages is scheduled for 22 October 2020 which is the final presidential debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

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