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Does the first lady of the U.S. have a body double?

By Anwesha Dash

Recent photos of Melania Trump, boarding a Marine One, have rekindled conspiracy theories about whether the President of the U.S. keeps a body double of his wife or not.

There have been a lot of rumors and conspiracy theories, some most bizarre and some plausible, that have been flying around about the Trump clan since the time they gained their notoriety. A few days back a seemingly simple photo of a grinning Melania Trump, sans face mask, boarding a Marine 1 along with husband Donald Trump also without a mask has sparked conspiracy theorists into action.

Some years ago with pictures as proof rumors were flying around that the President keeps a body-double of his wife for campaigns and events. Recently due to another photo, these rumors have reignited. In the recent picture what seems to be Melania Trump with eyeshades on her face, is seen boarding the Marine one and smiling big at a camera while husband Trump waves. At first glance, the woman does look like Melania but at a closer inspection, she looks like a complete woman different, if it is indeed her.

With #FakeMelania trending on Twitter many Twitterati pointed out the differences between real Mrs. Trump and alleged "fake Melania". Some pointed out that the smile was off and different from the first lady's and many said that this wasn't the first time the said lady was swapped with a duplicate.

Also as if backing up the theories Melania Trump has been known to be absent from most campaigns and shies away from the limelight. She is also seen to always have very rigid manners and maintain stoicism hence the woman with the relaxed broad smile in the picture doesn't look very similar to the actual first lady.

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