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Does the Pope support same-sex civil union? Know here!

By Anwesha Dash

In a documentary, Pope Francis became the first pope to validate same-sex civil union.

A civil union is a legal term used for recognition of the marriage-like arrangement of queer couples. And since the dawn of time, every religion has been against homosexuality, the Church being the most vocal antagonist. But in a documentary named "Francesco" that premiered on Wednesday, Pope Francis supported civil unions in one of the interviews featured in the documentary becoming the first pontiff to do so.

This approach has incited mixed reactions all over the world. Liberals and gay Catholics have lauded and appreciated the step forward while conservatives are disturbed and confused and have been asking for an explanation since the previous teachings of the Vatican have been quite contradictory to this statement of the Pope.

Pope Francis in the interview said that homosexuals are "children of God" and deserve the right to make their own family. Hence a civil union law that will provide a legal back-up is much needed. He also said that their lives should not be made "miserable" over this. He also discussed other social evils such as poverty, racial discrimination, income inequality, and concerns regarding the environment.

This isn’t the first time that the Pope has supported the queer community. Before being elected the Pope, during his archbishop days he had endorsed civil unions. Even one instance when asked about a gay catholic priest in an interview he replied with Who am I to judge? Reportedly, many of the Pope’s pupils and members of his inner circle are gay. But this is the first time that any pope has vocally supported civil-unions.

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