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Due to Navalny’s poisoning, Germany to discuss possible sanctions against Russia

By Suvan Bose

Germany, the present head of the European Union, will take up possible sanctions against Russia due to the poisoning of Alexei Navalny if the Kremlin does not prepare an explanation soon, said by the foreign minister on Sunday.

Anti-corruption campaigner Russian opposition leader Navalny fell sick on a flight last month and was treated in a Siberian hospital before being deported to Berlin. Germany told last week that there was unambiguous evidence that President Vladimir Putin’s top opponent had been poisoned utilizing Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok.

We have great anticipation of the Russian government to clear up this serious crime, Heiko Maas told German daily Bild. If the government has nothing to do with the assault, then it is in its own advantage to back this up with facts. In case Russia does not help to explain what happened “in the coming days”, Germany will be persuaded to “discuss a response with our allies,” said Maas.

Western leaders and many Russians have asserted horror at what Navalny’s allies say is the first known use of chemical weapons in opposition to a high-profile opposition leader on Russian soil. The Kremlin has declined responsibility for the assault and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that Germany is yet to share any findings with Moscow’s prosecutors. On Sunday foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blamed Germany for interrupt efforts to investigate the Navalny case.

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