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During Godess Durga Idol submersion, Find out what horrific happenings took place!

By Neha Mallick

While Goddess Durga was getting submerged in Munger, Bihar, a shooting scenario took place, where one person got killed and numerous people were hurt. Almost a hundred people have been held captive.

An occurrence of shooting complained about the submersion of Goddess Durga’s idol in the city of Munger, Bihar that took place on the 26th of October, Monday. One person was killed while numerous were severely hurt. The individuals who had hurt themselves during the shooting incident were taken to the Sadar hospital and some other private hospitals for their curation.

The Police of Bihar has held captive almost 100 of people after the shooting incident of Goddess Durga’s idol submersion in the city of Munger on the morning of Tuesday, the 27th of October. The Police also reported that 12 empty bullets were obtained from the area where the incident took place.

As the firing started whilst in the middle of the Goddess’s idol submersion, a few people amongst the crowd opened shoot due to which a person was allegedly killed on the spot while the numerous others were severely hurt. Afterwards, the reports said that the Police of Bihar has held captive almost hundred of people for the inquiry to find out evidence regarding the shooting occurrence.

The Police stated that 12 shots were fired during the occurrence because they had obtained 12 empty bullets from the area of the occurrence, also including three guns which were country-constructed.

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