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East Delhi's Hero Mother applauded by Netizens

In a recent video that became viral on social media showed two bike men putting an attempt to kidnap a 4-year-old girl child from her home while her mother went inside the home to fetch water.

The video showed one of the two men trying to carry away the child on a bike, soon the mother sees it and hustles and takes away her child from the men. She pulls her child to her side and the man tries to lift the bike. Soon they lose their balance and the man who tried to take away the child is seen running. The bike is held by the woman and the man riding tries to escape.

The incident is reported to be from the Shakarpur Area of East Delhi. The incident was captured and recorded on CCTV on Tuesday.

The kidnappers were later arrested by the police.

The video is viral on social media and people are praising the woman and the neighbors for their bravery and strength.

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