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Election season at its peak in Bihar

By Kunika Chaudhary

Election season is at its peak in Bihar.Many parties are still thinking whether they should stay in alliance or not their decision will play and important role in this election.

Bihar election is very major this time because firstly, it is happening during the pandemic and secondly there are many major issues happening between the political parties. Many political parties like LJP, JDU are discussing about partition of seats or whether they want to stay in alliance or not.If we talk about LJP, this party is asking for 119 seats but some people are saying that they should appear for 143 seats to participate in elections but now the situation is different the members of the party have left the decision on Chirag Paswan.Now all eyes are on Chirag whether he will participate in election with the alliance or solo. He also told his party member that they should not say anything against Jeetan Ram Manjhi. He will conduct a meeting the MPs next week. Chirag Paswan also revealed that LJP and JDU haven't spoken in last 1 year the only had a talk about sushant's case that too for 5 minutes only.

Where on other hand Nitish kumar is trying everything in his power to promote work done by his government. He is promoting the further policies regarding the state and position of Corona and the good outcome of their implemented policies.

Pm Modi will also participate and will address the 6 virtual rallies organised by BJP during the time frame of 10 to 23 September. This election is indeed and interesting one.

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