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ENCRYPTED: Indigenous messaging app 'SAI' for Indian Army jawans. Read for crystal-clarity!

By Priti Kumari

NEW DELHI: Amid the rising instances of spying, Indian Army on Thursday launched Whatsapp-like messaging app 'Secure Application for Internet (SAI)', to prevent espionage of confidential and sensitive data.

An officer articulated to a news venture," SAI is a simple and secure messaging application, which supports end-to-end secure voice, text, and video calling services for Android platforms over the internet. It will utilize Pan-Army to facilitate secure messaging within the service". The officer further claimed that the SAI app is very much akin to the messaging applications like What's Up, Telegram, SAMVAD, GIMS and utilises end-to-end encryption messaging protocol. SAI also has security features with local in-house servers and coding, which can be adjusted as per the requirements. It must be remarkable that up-gradation work such as the process for filling Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) hosting the infrastructure on NIC & working on ios platform is in progress.

Col. Sai Shankar, the commanding officer of a signals unit in Rajasthan, for the first time created it and later upgraded it to military-grade standards. He has been accoladed for his "skill and ingenuity" by our Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. It has been vetted by the central government's Indian Computer Emergency Response Team CERT-in empanelled auditor & the Army Cyber Group.

China's 61398 unit is world-renowned for its spying works. Combating cybersecurity threats particularly, from China & Pakistan, India developed this end-to-end encrypted application.

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