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Ensnared in concubine, find out what happens to a young woman!

By Neha Mallick

Three Bangladeshi have been salvaged from the trap of cocotte by the Police after they were drawn to Mumbai with the hope of being provided with employment.

It has been reported that three women who were probably Bangladeshi were compelled to trade themselves for money in Mumbai. They were retrieved by the police authority after one of them called up the police control centre to ask for support. The women were tricked to work in prostitution. One of the people managing the brothel has been held captive by the police and they are still in search of the other two people who have been supposedly running the escort system.

As per the Police Department, a woman of around 20-years-old who asserted to be a Bangladeshi dialled up the control centre of Police and spoke up that she was being compelled for being an escort after being lured to Mumbai, India, with the expectation of a job. She even sent her current location to the Police control centre after which, a team of officers from Chitalsar Manpada police station, Thane, arrived there with an analyst and retrieved the three women.

A Mumbai police officer presented his statements by saying that after detecting the location sent by the woman, they reached the directed place and phoned her. She said that she was trapped in a compartment on the third floor of the edifice. At around 4:55 in the morning, the police thumped on the door of their respective apartment. A man named Sameer who was about 35 years old, and was an inhabitant of West Bengal’s Pargana District, North 24, attended the door. He confessed that the three women from Bangladesh were staying with him. He also revealed that his pal Raqi had left the three women to him on 9th of October.

After the women were released, one of them recited the entire incident. The woman who phoned the Police Control Department disclosed that she was tricked with the desire of employment by Raqi, to Mumbai. She was unlawfully taken to Kolkata from Bangladesh. A phoney Aadhaar Card was created for her. Afterwards, she was made to come to Mumbai with Raqi and her sidekick Ghulam. The other two women were believed to have the same ordeals as her.

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