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Ex-police officer convicted for George Floyd’s murder bailed out?

By Anwesha Dash

Derek Chauvin, ex Minneapolis cop, detained for George Floyd's murder has been granted bail over a $1 million bond.

In May, Black Lives Matter protests or The George Floyd protests that gained momentum in the U.S and then spread out all over the world and made every denizen of this world question the prejudice, systematic racism, and human rights dissent going on in different ways all around. The reason for these protests was the killing of 46 years old An African-American man named George Floyd. Reportedly, cops were called on the man for an alleged fraud check. And the police without proof man-handled the black man. In his last moments, the video of which was recorded and went viral in social media, George Floyd asphyxiated due to the way Derek Chauvin, one of the officers, had kneeled on his neck and even after his pleas of not being able to breathe hadn't given him any reprieve.

All four of the Minneapolis police officers involved had been fired after the video went viral and consequently detained for cold-blooded murder, most severe of the charges was put upon Derek Chauvin who was the direct perpetrator. But one by one the other 3 officers were bailed out. Due to the severity of his actions Chauvin was still in jail. But recently has been bailed out over a $1 million bond. This has again fueled the rage of the people, and the protests that had slowly died are again on the verge of uprising.

It's not yet limpid as to from where the bail money was acquired from. But according to some sources Chauvin's family had set up a "Derek Chauvin Bail Money" fund on a donation site. Admittedly more than 35 people donated for the cause. There has yet to be an official statement from the bailed convict's attorney.

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