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Facebook comes with its new Cloud Gaming Services. Gamers will get another Platform!

By Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo

Facebook on 26th October unveiled their first-ever Online Cloud Gaming platform to the users who are willing to stream online high graphics games without downloading them.

On Monday, Facebook Gaming announced their arrival of Facebook Cloud Gaming Services to compete against Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud. Currently, users from the United States are only allowed to play online games with high-speed Internet as it is in its initial stage. But it is expected that Facebook is going to bring these services all around the world very soon.

Gaming has recently taken a revolution and people of different age groups want to try gaming to make their mood fresh while some people depend on gaming as they make their career in it. But it is a fact that today’s high graphics games require a lot of powerful consoles or powerful personal computers to run these realistic graphics games which seems impossible for everyone as it becomes too much costly for the people to afford such expensive gadgets. But recently the revolution of the Online Gaming Cloud system has brought a change in this system.

Due to the Online Cloud Gaming system, people do not require a heavy powerful console to run the games as they can stream these High Graphics games Online. But the only thing that the user needs is high-Speed Internet to stream games online. But the Online Cloud Gaming Companies like Google Stadia as well as the Microsoft xCloud charge a subscription to play the games every month which the users may not afford to play games. So recently Facebook unveiled their Facebook Gaming Cloud Services to stream games Online without any sort of Subscription for free and even any sort of controller.

The users can play Free to Play games through this service directly on their smartphones or personal Computer without downloading any game or without owning a powerful smartphone or Personal Computer. As it is in its developing stage, it is currently available in the United States, but soon when Facebook completes fixing all the bugs and glitches, it should be available to all the countries over the world.

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