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Facebook restrains political advertisements for 7 days before the US elections.

By Ritika Nath

Facebook Inc. decided to impose few measures to ensure that its website is not used for manifesting chaos and spreading misinformation during the tenure of the U.S. presidential elections so that it would be a non-controversial election with no immediate results and possible civil rebellion.

The incorporated announced on Thursday that they would restrict all the new political advertisements this week before the presidential elections start and would also remove the posts which convey and portray all the misinformation related to voting and COVID-19. They decided that they would attach all the links related to the official results so that the candidates and the campaigns who declare victory prematurely can post later onwards.

The Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on Thursday that this presidential election would not be a business to them this time, as he feels that everyone has a responsibility to protect their own democracy meaning helping the citizens for registering and voting, clearing up all the confusions related to the operation of the polls and making sure to take such steps so that it reduces the chances of violence and protests.

From the past few weeks, Facebook and the other social media websites are constantly being scrutinized over how they actually handle and treat misinformation, given problems with Donald Trump and the other opposing candidates for posting rumours and false information about the elections and Russia’s constant interference with US politics.

The company is being criticized for not checking the facts in the political advertisements which are displayed and also not limiting the target groups for the advertisements. So finally Facebook decided to bring in a few measures to restrict all these advertisements and to dodge all the political controversy going on.

Zuckerberg said that with the nation divided and election results taking days or weeks to be finalized and then published, there could be an “increased risk of civil unrest across the country.” Civil rights groups directly approached Zuckerberg and claimed the incorporated to change these few policies which they finally announced in the statement that released on Thursday. Facebook employees and critics stated that the measures which have been taken are still not enough to stop the spread of rumours and misinformation regarding the presidential elections.

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