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Facebook to merge with Instagram. Know more about it here!

By Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo

Facebook acquired Instagram is now officially going to merge with Facebook’s own Messenger. According to Facebook, after merging Instagram with Messenger, the user can get all-new experience in the mode of messaging.

In April 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram. Recently, Instagram has become the most used application by users after WhatsApp. Instagram, with one of the most popular features of DM or Direct Message, is now going to be merged with Facebook’s own Messenger app. Due to this, users will be unable to use the Direct Message feature on Instagram and they can continue to chat, create a call, or video call in the Messenger app itself. Currently, Instagram has started pushing updates for the same. Now users can use this feature of Direct Message integrated inside the Messenger app, resulting in the non-switching of apps.

And by this amazing feature, users who used Facebook and were unable to connect to a friend who used Instagram will be able to connect themselves and vice-versa. The main motto of upbringing this feature by Facebook is to help users to chat across two different platforms that is Instagram and Messenger. Not only this, but users can also now use all the new features that were present in Messenger, on Instagram itself. The users can now change the colour of the chats as well as send their custom made emojis that were not possible earlier. Another new feature that the users can now use is vanishing messages that means the messages can automatically be deleted as per the time provided by the sender.

But according to some tech-experts, by using this feature, the encryption of the data will be reduced resulting in chances of data leak and this leads to privacy concerns. Due to this now Instagram is providing an option for the users either to accept this new feature or they can even opt for the older method to chat with people. As this is a new feature, there are chances that there will be a lot of bugs and glitches. So, it is recommended that one should accept this feature as soon as he receives it, but a wise decision would be waiting for some time until all these bugs and glitches are fixed up. But there are chances that once a user accepts the new features, he or she cannot revert the same. There will be more clarity once tech experts use it and review the same.

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