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Failure in a shocking attempt forced a boy to suicide. Know the reason here!

By Manisha Jangir

A shocking incident has been reported in Virugambakkam near Chennai. As per the report, a youth has ended his life at his girlfriend's residence. After he failed to murder his girlfriend and her parents early morning on Saturday, he took this step.

According to the Police, the deceased has been identified as G Jeevanandanam and he was 22-year-old. He belonged to Ariaylur and was staying at his girlfriend's house. On Saturday morning around 3 am, he dragged a cylinder to the hall and tried to explode it with a motive to kill his girlfriend along with her parents. After hearing the noise, the family woke up and when they realised his motive, they immediately pushed him out of the house. They also informed the police and told them about the whole incident. When Police reached the spot, they found Jeevanandanam in an unconscious state at the corridor. With a broken piece of glass, he slashed his throat. He was immediately taken to the government hospital by the Police, where he was declared dead. In further investigation, it has been found that the deceased and the girl got into a relationship after meeting at a college event held in Gujarat last year. Thereafter he visited her house during his trips to Chennai.

On September 29, he came to the girl's house. On Friday night(2 October) her parents asked him about his plans to leave their house. In response, he said that their daughter shouldn’t tie the knot with anyone and he would also stay a bachelor. The couple was shocked by his response. After that, he apologised for the same and told that he would leave the house the following day. Then he attempted to kill them on Saturday morning.

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