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Family members beheaded in Jharkhand for heterodox reasons!

By Manisha Jangir

The villagers of Jharkhand’s Khunti district abducted and beheaded three family members. The villagers suspected that they had performed witchcraft and blamed the family for the death of the newborn. First, the three were abducted and later beheaded. On investigation, it was found that they were killed after a local blamed them for the death of an infant.

On Wednesday, the bodies of the victims were recovered from a dense forest area in Khunti and were identified as Birsa Munda, his wife Sukru Purty and daughter Somwar Purty. Their heads were recovered from nearby locations. The locals informed that a woman had recently given birth to a baby but the infant died just after a few days. As the infant died, a local quack said that the baby died because of Birsa Munda’s family as they all used to perform witchcraft.

In the first week of October, the whole family was abducted. The incident highlighted when the other daughter of Birsa came to meet her family. Despite many efforts, Telani couldn't find any information about her family. Then she complained to the Police Station. The police conducted a search operation and came to know about the family. Then they arrested three of the nine accused from that village. Ashutosh Shekhar, SP of Khunti said that the arrested people have admitted their crime and the bodies have been sent for the Postmortem.

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