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Fans request for Chris Evan’s privacy

By Ritika Ray

Chris, well known for playing Captain America in the Marvel Series is going through a lot. He retired from the franchise with the last part of the series Endgame.

Chris Evans, by mistake, posted a nude picture of him and deleted it as soon as he realized but some people were able to take a screenshot of the post. He was sharing a screen recording of his gallery and didn’t realize that all the pictures were visible to the audience. He was able to remove it quickly but some people still managed to take the screenshots.

Now the big fandom of Chris is standing up to respect his privacy. Memes and jokes were circulated but fans are asking them not to post those offensive memes as Chris Evans is a very good man.

Fans are tweeting, saying that Chris suffers from an Anxiety disorder and that he even refused to play the role of Captain America many times and they can’t imagine what Chris is going through. Many fans are posting photos all over social media and spreading positivity. Even Chris' Marvel co-star Mark Ruffalo made a comment saying that while Trump is in the office nothing can embarrass Chris.

Several fan pages on Instagram started posting a picture with a rescue puppy of Chris and requesting people to take down all the memes and jokes as soon as possible.

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